General Payment Plan Policy

Birmingham Water Works is now offering an option to help customers manage and pay high water bills.  You may choose a Deferred Payment Plan or an Installment Plan to help you with your current or overdue bill.  What you can pay is negotiated between you and Birmingham Water Works depending on your situation.


Deferred Payment Plan

To participate in a Deferment Plan the following will apply:

-You can choose to defer you payment on current bills before the due date up to 15 calendar days

-Deferred request can be made via phone (IVR system) or by contacting Customer Service at 205.244.4000

-If your deferred payment is not paid on the agreed due date, your account will become delinquent and subject to immediate interruption.


Installment Payment Plan

To participate in an Installment Plan Agreement the following will apply:

-You will enter an Installment Plan Agreement, which will be confirmation of your payment arrangements.  You will receive written confirmation via US mail or email

-Make a down payment equal to the first month installment, which includes past due and current charges

-Payments can be extended up to 3 months

-To remain on the payment plan, you must continue to pay the current bill balance in addition to your installment payments

-If the agreed installment payments are not paid, your account will result in default of the payment plan, and your service will be subject to immediate interruption.