On November 15th, the Birmingham Water Works will launch our new, easy to use online billing system.

This new system will allow the Birmingham Water Works to provide our customers with the most convenient user experience possible.

Please note that due to system updates, no payments will be processed between November 11th and November 14th.


Q: Will I have a new account number?

A: Yes. All Birmingham Water Works customers will receive a new account number. Our online customers will receive an email with a temporary password and instructions to activate their account with the new billing system on our website.


Q: Will this new billing system affect non-online customers?

A: Customers who do not have an online account set up with the Birmingham Water Works will still be able to pay by phone or in-person at our call center using their new account number.


Q: What changes can I expect with the new billing system?

A:  Customers will now be able to schedule changes of service (move-ins, transfers or disconnects), review bill and consumption history, initiate installment plans, set up automatic drafts, report leaks, and more.


Q: Will the new online billing system enhance the Birmingham Water Works’ ability to serve our customers?

A: Yes!

With this new billing system, Birmingham Water Works call center representatives will now have access to real-time changes in a customer’s account information, allowing them to assist customers more easily. We will now be able to retrieve multiple accounts if needed and all of the required steps are on the main screen.   

The new system will also improve our First Call Resolution, which will enable us to deliver quicker information to all departments. Additionally, our process for customers requesting callbacks will be streamlined, as will our process for refunding customers.