Click to Report a Leak.  Not sure what kind of leak you are reporting?  Please watch the videos below for more information about the different levels of leaks we encounter.


Click to Report Other Issues such as water theft, missing meter lids, discolored water or to request a meter re-read.  


Do you know what makes up your water service from the Birmingham Water Works Board?  Watch this video to find out and learn why leak location matters!




What is a LEVEL 1 leak?

  • Threatens health or public safety
  • Risks major property damage
  • Affects a large number of customers
  • Completely interrupts water service



What is a LEVEL 2 leak?

  • Some water flow, large standing pools of water, meter leaks
  • Poses no health or safety issues
  • May pose a threat of property damage
  • May affect a number of customers





What is a LEVEL 3 leak?

  • Minor leaks that result in damp spots on the ground or asphalt or produce slow flows of water
  • Post no health or safety issues
  • Post no threat of property damage
  • Affects a limited number of customers