Welcome to the largest water system in Alabama

We are proud of our special mission and are eager to share information about our purpose to you, your family and friends. Consider this Web site your resource for answering questions you may have about your water service and the utility that serves you – Birmingham Water Works. The primary focus at Birmingham Water Works is to provide our customers with the highest quality water possible at the most affordable rates. Since 1951, the company has met this goal successfully, and is a highly regarded leader in the water purification industry. The people of Birmingham elected to establish an independent Water Board in 1950, rather than have a water system controlled by City Hall. Their reasoning has been proven as the efficient operation has been directed by the members of the Board. Operating the water system as a profit driven business increased productivity, reduced wasteful spending and kept rates low for area customers. Good source water is the result of the Birmingham Water Works’ aggressive environmental protection policy. While water systems nationwide are regulated by provisions of the Environmental Protection Agency, Birmingham Water Works has always been a good steward of the environment since its creation. Our Watershed Protection Policy limits development in areas close to our water sources, which reduces pollutants. Purchasing land to increase our watershed decreases the amount of treatment required for raw water – and the associated costs – giving our customers a better tasting product at an affordable price.



Our water system operates with four senior staff members and a nine-member Board of Directors. Board members are usually very prominent men and women in the community who help guide our company with knowledge and expertise from a number of areas ranging from business to communications to finance. This nine-member Board is appointed by the Birmingham city council and is responsible for setting policy for our utility’s operations. Positions are voted on amongst Board members.






The Birmingham Water Works Board is committed to providing the highest quality water and service to our customers and our entire service area.

As a concerned corporate citizen, we are responsive to the needs of the entire community and strive to maintain, preserve and conserve our precious water resources in order to ensure adequate water quality and supply for future generations.