The Water Works Board of the City of Birmingham (Birmingham Water Works) conducts its operations through Board and committee meetings.

The Board typically has three (3) Board meetings on the second, third and fourth Thursdays of each month. The date and time for these meetings depends on the Board members’ schedules. The first and second Board meetings are typically meetings where the Board takes official action to approve items that are submitted by executive management. The informational Board meeting is designed for executive management and staff to present operational results from the previous month and update the Board on the status of key projects as well as present options and proposal for future projects. At each informational Board meeting, Assistant General Managers present their division reports, which include: Finance and Administration, Operations and Technical Services, and Engineering and Maintenance. Pursuant to the By-laws, the Board may approve items at the informational Board meeting relative to the time sensitive of the item(s).

All Board and committee meetings are open to the public and the duration of meetings depends on the items being presented for Board consideration.