Science at Work for You...

At the state-of-the-art Birmingham Water Works EnviroLab, scientists, chemists and technicians collect more than 25,000 water samples and perform approximately 100,000 water quality tests annually. 
The staff at the EnviroLab works with sensitive, sophisticated instruments to assess the quality of the water supply. The ability to test with the latest available technology and instruments and the use of sophisticated software enable EnviroLab’s staff to detect and quickly correct any irregularities, thus ensuring water quality.
EnviroLab personnel are skilled in performing many different methods of chemical analyses. Samples are collected and tested from all areas of the treatment process, including the raw water sources, at the filter plants and throughout the distribution system service area. These tests have confirmed that the water delivered to your home not only meets, but also exceeds, the most stringent state and federal standards.
The EnviroLab’s Mission Statement:
The EnviroLab commits to work together as a team, in a positive, supportive environment of unity and respect, to achieve our shared vision of assuring high-quality testing results, creating open communication, sharing and expanding our competence and operating the lab with mutual trust, clarity and vision.
The Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition system (SCADA) takes modern computer technology a step beyond data collection.
The SCADA system allows filter plants, pumping stations, storage tanks and wastewater plants to report information on system flow and pressure levels automatically. This data is monitored and analyzed at the Central Operations Room and Emergency Recovery Command CORE.
Operational systems at the plant and in the distribution system, such as water tanks and pump stations, can be controlled from the CORE in case of an emergency situation. For our customers, this translates into greater system reliability and cost-efficiency.