The Leak Detectives program is a customer service initiative implemented by the BWW to help our customers learn about and detect leaks in and around their homes and businesses. Although our primary responsibility is to provide all of our customers with the highest-quality water, we felt it necessary to implement this program to help our customers deal with problems they may have related to leaks.
The Leak Detectives Program was launched in June 2006. Members of the BWW Young Water Ambassadors Program visited homes and businesses across the Birmingham Water Works service area and provided owners with information on detecting leaks.
Become a “Leak Detective”
Step 1: Locate your water meter.
Step 2: Turn off all water-using appliances in and around your home or business. Wait 5-10 minutes.
Step 3: Return to your water meter. Look at the face of it. If the red triangle or dial is spinning when all water-using appliances in and outside the home or business are turned off, you possibly have a leak.
Leaks are generally the result of faulty plumbing, appliances and fixtures. Ninety percent of high water bills are caused by leaks. If a leak is found in a home or business, it is the responsibility of the individual owner to take the necessary steps toward repairing the leak. 
The information provided by the Birmingham Water Works Leak Detectives is general information concerning leaks and is not intended to address individual or specific plumbing issues or questions which should only be addressed by a licensed plumbing professional. Under no circumstances will the Birmingham Water Works, its officers, directors or employees be responsible for (1) the accuracy or inaccuracy of any information contained or omitted herein; (2) any reliance upon such information; or (3) the consequences of any actions based upon information provided herein.