Birmingham Water Works Board (BWWB) owns, operates and manages Inland Lake as a public water supply reservoir. The general public can access the Lake for recreation through two public access points: Marina Access (west end of the lake) and Allgood Access (east end of the lake). With over 32 miles of pristine and beautiful shoreline, Inland Lake is a tucked away marvel in Blount County, Alabama. Adjoining property owners can only access the lake from one of the public access points. Adjoining property owners do not have direct access to Inland Lake from the shoreline and cannot build any structures, including boat docks, from the shoreline without the specific written consent of the BWWB.


(Note to the General Public, adjoining property Owners or Potential Property Purchasers – BWWB owns Inland Lake as well as all of its shoreline. BWWB operates the lake at full pool at elevation 784; owns and controls to elevation 790’ and 15’ Horizontally to the ground line). Anyone violating these guidelines is trespassing.