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The EnviroLab can test both Drinking Water and Raw Water Samples using EPA and Standard Method

EPA Methods
EPA 100.2 EPA 515.2
EPA 180.1 EPA 515.4
EPA 200.7 EPA 524.2
EPA 200.8 EPA 525.2
EPA 200.9 EPA 531.1
EPA 245.2 EPA 547
EPA 300.0 EPA 548.1
EPA 3111-B EPA 549.2
EPA 314.0 EPA 550.1
EPA 335.4 EPA 551.1
EPA 350.1 EPA 552.2
EPA 351.2 EPA 900.0
EPA 504.1 EPA 903.1
EPA 508.1  
Standard Methods
SM 2120 B SM 4500-CO2C SM 9222-D
SM 2150 B SM 4500-F-B SM 9223B
SM 2320-B SM 4500-F-C SM 9230-C
SM 2340-C SM 4500-H+ B SM-3500 Cr-B
SM 2510-B SM4500-NH3 SM4500-P-F
SM 2540 B SM 4500-S-B SM-5210B
SM 2540-C SM 5210 B  
SM 2540-D SM 5310 C  
SM 2550 SM 5310-C  
SM 3111-B SM 5540 C  
SM 3111-D SM 5910-B  
SM 4500 CIO2 D SM 9215-B  
SM 4500-CI G SM 9221-D  
SM 4500-CN-F SM 9222-B