We have adopted five Service Standards against which every interaction - whether it is with a customer, visitor, coworker or supplier - can be measured.   These Standards are:

Above all else, we must be ethical.  This means adopting a personal commitment to doing the “right thing” in every situation.  It also means being truthful – to ourselves, our customers, suppliers, and to each other - regardless of the consequences. In every interaction, we must assure that ethical standards and truthfulness come before everything else.  

Our work and service must be safe.  This includes using safe work practices, using proper equipment, effectively communicating instructions and concerns, and using sound and prudent judgment on decisions affecting safety and well-being. Safety is equally important in our workplace and homes.

We must always be courteous in dealing with customers, visitors, suppliers and each other.  Our attitude speaks volumes about how we are perceived and, when positive, greatly improves each interaction.

Positive Presentation and Image:
Presentation is how we look and how we act.  Each employee should be dressed neatly and appropriately with no dress code violations. Our image is influenced by safety, neat and orderly housekeeping and courteous customer service. It also encompasses anything that might contribute to the favorable impression one forms of each employee and the Organization.

Efficiency speaks to the quality of work we do.  It requires creativity to always look for new ways to provide better service – not only to our customers but our coworkers as well.  It includes elements of timeliness in how swiftly and accurately we do our work.  

When each employee adopts our Service Theme and uses the Service Standards – Ethics, Safety, Courtesy, Image and Efficiency – to make decisions, the quality of our work and our work environment will improve dramatically and measurably.


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