Anyone who has ever been a victim of fire knows the value of available water. While the fire departments maintain fire hydrants, the BWWB ensures that water is available to extinguish those fires.

There is a vast network of underground water infrastructure already in place to protect citizens when a fire occurs. In most communities, water flowing to fire hydrants and home faucets comes through the same system of water mains, pumps and storage tanks. Obviously the key to extinguishing a fire is getting to it quickly, but the BWWB considers it a high priority to make sure that the pipes are maintained and water is available when hydrants are in use. A well-maintained water system is critical to protecting communities from the ever-present threat of fire.

Additionally, the ability to provide water for fire protection heavily influences home construction, location decisions and rates.

In 2007, the BWWB did not increase rates on municipal fire hydrant water use, a cost that would have ultimately been passed on to citizens.