More than 174 hospitals and other healthcare facilities rely on the BWWB for water service. This water is used for all types of purposes including surgical and dental care among other medical processes. Locally, the BWWB delivered more than 660 billion gallons of water to hospitals and healthcare facilities in 2007.
Water is also a vital component to the health of the human body. It helps the body discharge toxins through the liver and kidneys. With an abundant intake of clean, healthy water, we allow the body to perform all of its natural healing processes.
Fluoride added
An additional health benefit provided by the BWWB is the presence of fluoride in the water supply, which helps promote strong teeth.
Since the BWWB began adding fluoride to its water supply more than 21 years ago, many local dentists have acknowledged seeing positive improvements in the dental health of their patients, both children and adults.
The American Dental Association called fluoridation one of the top five medical achievements in recent history. The Centers for Disease Control said fluoridation is the most equitable, cost-effective and cost-saving method of delivering fluoride to the community and that more water systems should provide fluoride in the water supply.