External Training Programs

BWWB offers the following classes to other water utilities:

Grade I – IV Prep Classes  (8:30 – 4:30)

                This is a total of 5 classes (1 class each week).  Cost is $250.

                This class prepares the individual to take the certification test.

Safety Classes (8:30 – 12:30) 

                The following classes are 4 hours each and the cost is $115 (this includes material):

                    • PPE

                    • Trenching and Shoring

                    • Flagger

                    • Confined Space

                    • Lock out/Tag Out

                    • Hazard Communication

                    • Fall Protection

Communication Skills

DISC - Offered for $150. Includes an online assessment.

The DISC recognizes that the first step toward change is understanding “why we act the way we act.”  The online DISC Profile is a validated learning tool, focusing on people-skills for personal and professional relationships and development. The DISC Profile is a nonjudgmental survey for understanding behavioral types and personality styles.  It helps people explore behavior across four primary dimensions:

           • Dominance: Direct and to the point, decisive and bottom line oriented. 

           • Influence: Optimistic and outgoing. 

           • Steadiness: Empathetic & Cooperative. 

           • Conscientiousness: Concerned, Cautious & Correct. 


Click here for a downloadable application ⇒

Forms must be submitted to meridith.guice@bwwb.org  or faxed to (205) 244-4644. 

All classes can be brought on location to your facility. For scheduling inquiries and off-site pricing, please contact Meridith Guice at 205-244-4144 or meridith.guice@bwwb.org .
Payments should be mailed to: Meridith Guice, 3600 First Ave N., Birmingham, AL 35222