System Development and Connection Fees

Birmingham Water Works charges a system development fee to help meet the needs of our growing area and provide water for new buildings and new developments.

When new developments connect to the Birmingham Water Works system, those new customers often benefit from the infrastructure that existing customers have already paid for through their monthly water bill. In many cases, the addition of new customers creates the need to build additional capacity in the water system.

To ensure new connections pay for the infrastructure costs of the system capacity they will use, Birmingham Water Works charges a one-time System Development Fee. This fee is in addition to the connection fee, which pays for the cost of physically connecting the new customer or development to the water distribution system.

To establish an account and request installation of a water meter and/or sewer connection for a newly built home or business, complete the Application for Service Connection Form

Tap Size (inches) System Development Fee Connection Fee Total
1 $1,000.00 $768.00 $1,768.00
2 $5,890.00 $3,246.0 $9,136.00
4 $16,450.00 Actual Cost Varies
6 $32,890.00 Actual Cost Varies
8 $52,630.00 Actual Cost Varies
10 $75,660.00 Actual Cost Varies



Download the full BWWB Ratebook