Student Employment Opportunities

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The Birmingham Water Works has three programs for student employment opportunities. The Young Water Ambassadors and Ambassadors in Training programs employ 84 high school and college students annually.  Our new Water Apprenticeship Program was created as a gateway to possible permanent employment for high school seniors and runs during the spring semester of the school year. 



The Birmingham Water Works Young Water Ambassadors summer program consists of 70 area high school juniors and seniors who spend their summer working and learning about the Birmingham Water Works and its operations. The Birmingham Water Works initiated this four-week program to impress upon our students the importance of conserving and protecting water. The Young Water Ambassador Program is targeted toward students who are interested in STEM, Science, and Environmental Studies.  By providing education and hands-on work experience, the program encourages these Young Ambassadors to make a difference in their communities by raising the public’s awareness of water conservation and other important information about water.

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This program gives 9 college students hands-on experience in particular career fields. Students are selected to work with professionals throughout the year from various departments. Students can earn college credit for their work.

Have questions about either of our summer student programs? Email Young Water Ambassadors at [email protected].




The Birmingham Water Works remains committed to empowering the next generation of leaders. Through participation in the Water Apprenticeship Program (WAP), high school seniors will have an opportunity to learn life skills, work in a professional environment and earn resources that enable them to potentially improve their quality of life through the workforce. Over the course of five months, these students participate in and complete five modules: Customer Service, General Safety, Mentorship, Compliance and Regulations, and Professional Development.   At the end of the program they will have the opportunity to apply for a regular position with the Birmingham Water Works Board provided they have successfully completed the objectives of the program (i.e. regular attendance, timely attendance, completion of each of the required modules, etc.). 


Have questions about our WAP student program? Email Water Apprenticeship Program at [email protected].