Birmingham Water Works Launches New Bill Design 


In an effort to better serve our five-county service area, Birmingham Water Works has redesigned its bill to provide customers with a better understanding of their water and sewage charges. 

The first change customers will recognize in the new bill design is its fresh look. Along with the utility’s refreshed logo and darker color palette, the bill has a cleaner, easier-to-read layout.
Aside from aesthetic changes, the new bill design also includes new features. The billing summary section now shows total payments received and total adjustments. 
Information about disconnection policies, how to calculate your bill, and convenient and easy payment options are found on the second page.
On the added third page, the bill lists more billing details, including itemized water charges and a clearer delineation between water and sewer service. (While Birmingham Water Works does not provide sewer service, it does collect billing for several sewer providers in its service area, such as Jefferson County.)
Last, but not least, these improvements enable the new bill to accommodate more than one billing period, which will eliminate the confusion of receiving multiple bills at once.