BWW Community Educational Program

Birmingham Water Works Community Educational Program



Birmingham Water Works (BWW) is proud to offer our Community Educational Program, designed to foster educational initiatives to our local communities across our five county service areas: Jefferson, Shelby, Walker, Blount, and St. Clair County. Understanding the crucial role education plays in community development and the importance of essential resources, such as water, BWW is committed to sponsoring community organizations that aim to educate and provide resources to local constituents. This initiative is a part of BWW's ongoing effort to ensure that our essential resources are understood, valued, and conserved for generations to come. BWW’s Community Educational Program was established by the BWWB by Resolution No. 8908.

Resolution - 2nd Annual Juneteenth Breakfast

Resolution - BCS Camp Wellness

Program Focus

The Community Educational Program funds organizations seeking sponsorship for educational-based events, programs, or non-profit initiatives that align with watercitizens and the conservation of water, natural resources, and/or essential needs of the community. We are particularly interested in initiatives that:

  • Promote knowledge and understanding of water conservation and environmental sustainability through education, science, and technology.
  • Protect the drinking water consumer from microbial risks and adverse health effects due to chemicals. Examples include community cleanups along waterways, Hazardous Waste Collection Events, and Pharmaceutical Take-Back Programs.
  • Offer recruitment and employment opportunities at the BWW
  • Offer training or workshops on skills directly related to enhancing community welfare through the better use of essential resources.

Eligibility and Application Process

  1. Eligibility Criteria: Organizations applying for funding must be based in or serve our service areas (Jefferson, Shelby, Walker, Blount, St. Clair Counties). The event, program, or initiative must be educational in nature, align with the themes of essential needs or resources, particularly water or otherwise meet a corporate purpose for the BWW.

  2. Application Process: Interested organizations must complete an application form available HERE. Applications must be submitted at least 45-60 days before the event or program requiring sponsorship. This timeline ensures adequate review and processing time for support to be allocated effectively.

  3. Required Information: Applications should include a detailed description of the event, program, or initiative, its objectives, the target audience, expected outcomes, a detailed budget, and how the initiative aligns with BWW's focus on educational engagement with the community.

Examples of Qualifying Educational Programs

  • Water Conservation Workshops: Events that educate the community on saving water, understanding water cycles, and practical measures to reduce water usage.
  • Environmental Stewardship Seminars: Programs that focus on educating participants about local environmental issues, sustainability practices, and how to apply these practices in their daily lives.
  • Community Gardening for Sustainability: Initiatives that teach community members how to start and maintain gardens that conserve water and contribute to local food security.

Media Requests and Additional Information

For more information about the Community Educational Program, application guidelines, or to ask specific questions, please contact us at [email protected] or
via the online contact form. Our team is dedicated to supporting educational initiatives that strengthen community awareness, involvement, and development in relation to essential resources like water.

Birmingham Water Works is excited to partner with local organizations through this program. Together, we can make a meaningful impact on our communities, promoting education, sustainability, and the responsible use of our most precious resources.