Building Community with the Birmingham Citizens Advisory Board


We’re excited to bring you a quick summary of our recent participation in the Birmingham Citizens Advisory Board meeting, a key part of the Birmingham Citizens Participation Plan. This monthly forum, held at Birmingham City Hall, allows us to directly communicate with city council members and neighborhood association presidents, ensuring your voices are heard and your needs are met.

Highlights from the January 22nd Meeting:

1. Recapping Past Successes: We revisited the impactful initiatives we undertook last year, showcasing our commitment to continuous improvement and community service.

2. Workforce Development: Our team is growing stronger! We shared updates on how we’re developing our workforce, aiming to bring you better service and expertise.

3. Financial Health and Future Plans: Good news on the financial front! Our robust financial positioning is setting the stage for exciting infrastructure investments, which means improved services and facilities for you.

4. Engaging School Programs: We’re investing in the future by engaging with schools. Our programs are designed to educate and inspire the next generation about the importance of water conservation and environmental stewardship.

5. Wiser Water and Waterboy Events: We’re continuing our commitment to sustainability and community engagement through these initiatives, making environmental responsibility fun and accessible to all.

6. Open Dialogue: We had a productive Q&A session with board members and neighborhood presidents, addressing their questions and concerns, and we’re eager to continue these conversations.

Looking Forward:

Building strong relationships with the communities we serve is not just a goal; it’s a passion. These meetings are a vital part of how we connect with you, understand your needs, and shape our services accordingly. We’re already looking forward to the next meeting and the opportunities it brings to strengthen our bonds with community leaders and you, our valued customers.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to work towards a better, more connected Birmingham Water Works!