Fix-a-Leak Week

Fix a Leak Week logo

Birmingham Water Works (BWW) will observe Fix a Leak Week, which begins Monday, March 18, to help Birmingham-area households save money by fixing leaks that waste water.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) observes Fix a Leak Week annually in March to raise awareness of the impact of household water leaks. Every year, approximately one trillion gallons of drinking water, or nearly one-tenth of annual drinking water consumption, are lost to leaks in household plumbing in the US, according to the EPA.

During Fix a Leak Week, BWW will encourage customers to look for and fix leaks in their homes and on their property in order to save wasted water. Replacing worn toilet flappers and fixing dripping faucets, and other repairs can translate to savings of about 10 percent on customers’ water bills.

“Water is essential to life, particularly at this time when water is critical to our health and safety,” said Rick Jackson, PR Manager and Spokesman for BWW. “Household leaks cost our customers money for customers, and we want to help them save every drop.”

Customers who visit the BWW Payment Center during the week of March 18-22 will receive a free toilet flapper replacement kit and quick tips card while supplies last. Throughout Fix a Leak Week, BWW will also publish additional tips on Facebook and Twitter.

Due to the pandemic, BWW will not dispatch technicians for free leak inspections as in years past.

For more Fix a Leak Week tips and information, please visit EPA Watersense.