Imagine a World Without Water School Program

A world without water

Welcome to the annual Birmingham Water Works School Program! On this webpage, we will provide educational resources at the fifth-grade level informing what our world would be like without one of the most crucial components of all life on Earth, all within our social channels.

The goal of our program is to demonstrate all of the ways how water is essential to our everyday lives through fun activities that can be enjoyed safely from home. You'll have access to educational videos, experiments, and interactive activities regarding water conservation, filtration, environmental practices, and more. We’re also introducing our contest that gives students a chance to win a number of prizes!

“A World Without Water” Contest: Students will have three separate opportunities to submit a creative entry -- video, essay, or poster. A prize will be awarded for the winner in each category! See rules for details and how to participate.


Lesson 1: Healthy Lifestyle

Here, we are discussing how water is crucial for not only health and hygiene but also its importance in the ongoing fight against the spread of COVID-19.

  • Download the A World Without Water workbook.
  • Read the Healthy Lifestyle lesson in the workbook.
  • Download the Wash Your Hands activity and perform the experiment.
  • Watch the Handwashing Experiments (Part 1 and Part 2) from the Weather Channel


Lesson 2: My Water Company: In this lesson, we will discuss the processes that make the water that comes into your home clean for you to drink and use.


Lesson 3: Go Green: The third lesson focuses on how water is imperative to the well-being of our environment, and how the impact of preventing water waste can help the environment.


Lesson 4: Celebrate Water: Discover the possibilities of how water can be used for ours and the world’s benefit while demonstrating how water interacts with other objects and substances through fun, entertaining experiments.


Lesson 5: Leak Detectives

In this lesson, students will learn how to locate and pinpoint various household leaks that can prevent tens to hundreds of gallons of water waste.

  • Open your workbook and read the Fix-A-Leak Week section
  • Do the Toilet Test
  • Complete the Water Word Search: generated here with clues from workbook


Test Your Knowledge: Now that we’ve completed all of the lessons, test your knowledge by completing our online quiz!